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Do you know your favourite Chinese new year snack have this much calories? Download Chinese New Year Trivia Questions & Answers. ^^, Your email address will not be published. 4. chinese new-year-snack Nährwertangaben und Nährwertinformationen. The high sodium content can also contribute to that risk. Traditionally, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with delicious snacks and treats. These melt-in-your-mouth coconut cookies are a definite crowd pleaser, and we love them too! New snack on the block is Papapeng ($8, available at VivoCity Chinese New Year fair, or at, which has launched its first Chip & Dip snack box. Ever wondered how much calories hide in your Chinese New Year snack? #5 Kueh Bangkit – 23 calories per piece. Another Chinese New Year snack that we love for the crunch and buttery taste, but the extra laps we have to jog for them… let’s just stick to 3 pieces. Slices of raw fish, salad vegetables, spices, sesame seeds… It all sounds healthy, but add the plum sauce, oil and “golden pillow” crackers, and you’ve got one high-fat, high-sugar appetiser on your hands. Granted, there is nothing wrong with pigging out on snacks on the first couple of days of the Chinese New Year. #6 Kueh Lapis – 157 calories per piece. You might think that green peas are healthy but since they are already processed and made into cookies, the calorie count for 3 small cookies is  a whopping 160. Summary: 9 Tasty Vegetarian Burgers To Try In Singapore. Share: ••• Make sure you're prepared with the bare essentials for Chinese New Year snacks! February 3, 2016 by Editorial / Comment (1) The annual celebration of Chinese New Year sees endless baked treats and other savoury delights being sold, served and consumed by Chinese communities in Singapore throughout the 15-day festive period. #4 Kueh Bahulu -40 calories per piece. Serving: One piece. #9 Nian Gao – 482 calories per serving share. If you can’t give up Chinese New Year goodies, then forgo starchy foods like rice, noodles or bread in your meals. weitere Nahrungsmittel auf 2. We know how hard it is to resist these sweet pork jerky, but you should have no more than 1-2 regular slices in a day. Unfortunately, like other seeds and nuts, melon seeds are fattening if consumed in large quantities – and they usually are, so try not to eat the whole bag. Another healthy choice you may want to consider is sunflower seeds. Deep-fried in hot oil, they are are perfect for munching while enjoying your favourite holiday shows on TV. It’s impossible to stop at one slice, but you should, because this treat is high in saturated fat and sugar. #12 Sugee  Cookie – 53 calories per piece. Still, with some careful planning, it is possible to indulge without bingeing. However 4 pieces (90g) of Cantonese Peanut Puffs will give you whopping 420 calories! It’s not like you can refuse the goodies that will be placed in front of you when you visit your relatives, and you definitely can’t turn down those lo hei lunch invitations from your workmates. Local bakery, Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes ( makes eggless pineapple tarts as well eggless and low-sugar pineapple balls. Ever wondered why the exchange of … But exactly how many calories do Chinese New Year snacks … A bowl of these is about 140 calories and you can burn those calories by dancing for half an hour to some upbeat tunes. After all, calories are just numbers, right? Now that Chinese New Year is coming up, you’re going to be eating a whole lot of food again, and not the healthy kind. One pineapple tart contains about 82 calories, one love letter contains about 56 calories, and a single slice of bak kwa contains a hefty 370 calories. It can be eaten steamed, which is of course the healthier option, but it is typically served pan-fried (after being dipped in egg). As famous as they are for their great tastes, these snacks are also notorious for their caloric content. These are by far the healthiest of all the Chinese New Year treats, as they are unprocessed, low in fat and contain vitamins and minerals. That takes 55 minutes of running to burn off. Here's what you need to know ... Common joint injuries and how to care for them. The pastry is made with flour, eggs and fat (butter, margarine or lard), and the filling contains peanuts, sesame seeds, sugar and oil. Use a small plate, which will help you manage your portion sizes better. #8 Mini Dried Shrimp Spring Roll – 22 calories per piece We are definitely gonna cut a smaller slice for ourselves this year. Diet guide for 13 popular Chinese New Year snacks, The sugar and fat in all your favourite festive goodies can really add up. DRIED SHRIMP ROLLS These tiny, spring roll-like snacks are made with dried prawns, chillies, garlic, oil, salt and sugar. It is important to note that our calculations are based on an average and will not be accurate for every single snack, as they all differ from each other, some more than others. It … Bacterial vaginosis is very common. Healthy snacking tips for the festive period: Jade Seah: Why I am more careful and selfish with my time. *For our calorie calculations, we took an average from 5 different sources. From the delicious Pineapple Tarts to the mouth-watering Bak Kwa. Christmas may be over, but like most people, you’re probably still trying to lose the extra pounds gained from all the festive feasting. 10. After all, what is CNY without these liberated joys, right? Peanut or almond – whatever the flavour, these can be very addictive. If you make your own tarts, you can control the amount of sugar in the filling. This traditional Peranakan treat, also known as kueh kapek or kuih belandah, is made of flour, coconut milk, sugar and egg, making it high in calories, fat, saturated fat and sugar. 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. These buttery pastries that combine the best of savoury and sweet have become a firm favourite at Chinese New Year gatherings, and if Chaucer’s sin of gluttony needed a mascot, this would be it. This Chinese sticky cake is made with glutinous rice flour, sugar and oil. 2. During Chinese New Year, gathering with your beloved family and friends and catching up over deliciously addictive New Year treats is an inevitable part of the festivities - however, many can be easily carried away by the atmosphere of it all. We should be telling you to not eat more than 3 pieces, but we are finding it hard to practise what we preach ourselves. 13 essential Chinese New Year snacks to prepare before opening your house. Summary: #1 Bak Kwa – 179 calories per slice. MINI PEANUT PUFFS Also known as kok chai, these fried snacks are Cantonese in origin. The heavenly mix of buttery pastry with a generous portion of pineapple jam, however, can be heavy on the calories scale … Unfortunately, we love kueh lapis, but we do not enjoy running as much. If you can’t give up Chinese New Year goodies, then forgo starchy foods like rice, noodles or bread in your meals. These sweet treats are totally amazing to munch on, and we remember going crazy for these when we were kids. We gathered information from the Health Promotion Board so you can plan your Chinese New Year feasting properly. #1 Bak Kwa – 179 calories per slice 1 / 7 The calorie count of these popular Chinese New Year goodies will make you think twice before taking another piece.

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