which zodiac sign has the best eyes

Usually seem to have a glint in their eyes like children being playful. You can sign in to vote the answer. Gorgeous, obviously, but slightly spacie looking. #Eyesofthezodiac #Aries #Taurus #Gemini #Cancer #Leo #Virgo #Libra #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Capriconr #Aquarius #Pisces #pisces. Get your answers by asking now. Mysterious. Venus: Capricorn. Read the signs & their best features: from the story zodiac signs by looloomango with 20 reads. Their features are quite expressive even if they are soft. By Lumi Pelinku • 01/18/18 12:30pm. Below is a ranking of all the zodiac signs, based on how good their taste in home decor is. Rarely more than one color, unless a water ascendant … The women can have to their disadvantage a thick neck and very broad shoulders while the men, tend to grey early. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. When gemini is in good mood, her eyes are lively, happy, moving fast. rising especially). Aries: March 21st-April 19th. Some Leo risings have honey suckle eyes or a golden color. Narrow their eyes when displeased. Can be big round like the moon but can also be almond shaped. From dreamy bedroom eyes to bodacious booties you can bounce a quarter off of, each of the twelve astrological signs are endowed with physical fortunes of celestial inheritance. Aries has a terrific brow, strong and arched, and eyes that are heroic, looking into the distance. Being the first sign of the zodiac make you a natural born leader People usually get enchanted towards your honest and dependable traits since you’re always prepared to go up against any new challenges of life. leo, random, sagittarius. Virgo eyes reveal no hint of anxiety or nervousness, they are focused and have a steady gaze. Gemini eyes are curious, bright and intelligent, darting from here to there, always interested and engaged (not necessarily in … Also Gemini was a close second. 1 3. kukwa. Personally I think Pisces has the best eyes in the zodiac they are so beautiful, dreamy, and watery. They can talk with their eyes, without even saying a word they can just shoot you a look and you know. Answer Save. Taurus often have Sanpaku eyes, where the white is showing prominently under the iris making it look as if they are always looking up. The mysteries of the farthest stars and constellations. Leo people are always very creative. ARIES. Personally, I think Scorpio, and frankly, the water signs. Asc: Capricorn. 9 years ago. Dec 31, 2015 Getty Images. The true lolita of the zodiac bright eyed youthful and seemingly innocent. 12 Answers. I do have an oval and fleshy face. Pisces women have that “staring off in the distance” look with eyes that are wide set. The fact is that no matter which zodiac sign, it is possible to have an inexplicable magnetism in your personality that attracts the opposite gender. Although opinions may vary according to different studies to see which zodiac sign is the most attractive of all, you need to read our text. Still have questions? Leo eyes: Playfully seductive look in their eyes, like “look at me, aren’t I charming?” I always think of Megan Fox’s expression (leo Moon). The pure intensity and focus in their eyes make you feel like your in a trap, but you honestly don't care. Pisces eyes: This sign has the most beautiful eyes in the zodiac! Libra's eyes aren't well known but they do have attractive eyes. Libra: Libras’ eyes look like nothing other than M&M’s! Favourite answer. Relevance. The various planetary positions or placements help in determining the different facial traits of each zodiac (ascendant) especially the eyes. Cancer’s best feature is their round face, their facial features are small and attractive. What zodiac sign has the best eyes + lips? Artist Slaughterose created this cool zodiac eye chart, with makeup and eye shapes for each of the 12 signs. They attract other people with their open and genuine eyes, sincere smile and button nose. Their eyes are sparkling most of the time. Any examples? I heard Aquarius has the best, from more than one source: dreamy, other-worldly, followed by: Scorpio, of course--they're intense magnetic eyes. Asc. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. A male Capricorn often has a more stocky build, with sharp, penetrating eyes. Eyes are souls mirror. I'm a Pisces and have always received compliments on my eyes. Attractive zodiac signs Aries. Schilling wants to be taken off HOF ballot, Celebs call on Biden to pay moms for 'unseen' labor, 30-year Wall Street veteran says buyer beware, State tries to ditch stockpile of Trump-touted drug, GOP lawmaker liked posts calling for killings: Reports. They're dark brown though. mahnoor posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita: view results | next poll >> Zodiac More Polls. Of all the zodiac signs who made the list, Virgo is probably the best at lying. Capricorn is the sign of the horney- goat, so the eyes ooze with lust. You can see some of these qualities of the different signs in people who have planetary placements of that zodiac sign in their birth chart. I do have a scar and a little beauty mark on my right calf, that's strangely true. leo dramatic. Mars-ruled signs will look you straight in the eye as if they were directly focusing on making eye contact with you. My complexion is on and off with being clear and I have very dark hair. Like a laser, Scorpio will use their eyes to scan everything. Their eyes are big and often hypnotizing, in the unusual shade. Taurus eyes: The earthy Venus-ruled sign of the zodiac have doe-eyes that exude innocence but beware of the bull staring you down. And who is meanest zodiac sign? Their jawline, eyes, and brows are quite prominent with high cheekbones. I think of Eminem (aqua moon). Lv 6. Innocent, kind of sad, sweet, and slightly scared looking. Discover what the stars are telling you about your astrological playmate. Cancers "wear their souls" in their eyes and because of this, do not normally look people in the eyes unless they are already very close. Aquarius eyes: It’s like they are here but somewhere else mentally. Jul 22, 2020. Dreamy, enigmatic, crystal clear eyes. and store it away forever. Get the lowdown on what makes your zodiac sign so special here, and find out why people love you. 10 years ago. I liked Virgo the best. However, they are said to have powerful hands. Aquariuses are very bright eyed and are known for "mood eyes" meaning eyes that seem to change color with their moods. Your zodiac sign has a significant impact on your physical appearance and personality, which combine to influence perceived attractiveness. Their stare is analytical, almost cold, yet still contains that Mercurial spark of quiet genius. I'm a Capricorn Sun / Aries Moon / Gemini Rising, Im going to say scorpio, capricorn, pisces, virgos, auarius, Scorpios are known for their intense, magnetic eyes, but all three of the water signs are known in different ways for their beautiful eyes. Earth signs aren't well known but some do have beautiful eyes. I know about the elements and the three different qualities and can organize them accordingly. Scorpio people have beautiful eagle (or snake) eyes, heavy lidded, deep set and full of intensity.. . Woman Scorpio is smart, sexy, adventurous, passionate, independent and athletic. As the warrior of the zodiac, Aries have a heroic staring into the distance kind of eyes. Sun: Capricorn. Think Robert Pattinson and Audrina girl from the Hills but Solar Taureans. Love to look at themselves in the mirror. 5 Zodiac signs who are good at crafts and arts: Leo. Favourite answer. In the whimsical and wild zoo of the zodiac, each glittering star sign has certain physical features unique to their particular genus of interstellar species. What attracts Scorpio males towards Scorpio females. Libra eyes: Venusian qualities very often give symmetrical features (lucky). Alert and quick-moving eyes are often the easiest way to recognize them. They hold straight eye contact and seem to have a “bored” look unless they are talking about an interesting subject. I have always received compliments about my, eyes, but I am a Libra w/blue eyes...my daughter has beautiful blue. Extremely sparkly eyes with a romantic gaze. ... Leo has got piercing eyes. People get lost in their eyes for they seem to draw people in. Those small details you think no one noticed, think again because Virgo already has. Moon. Vote:Capi/aqua rising or Leo/Virgo rising? You can always read in her eyes what is she thinking about. Gemini eyes dart from here to there always interested in the next thing inspecting the surroundings curiously. go ahead and add it! Devious eyes like Gemini but can look ditsy (Sag. Pisces, unlike the other signs, have very dreamy, unfocused eyes. Your Best Zodiac Beauty Asset . The Cosmos. Many people are born with intense eyes … When you look at them they seem vibrant and commanding. It makes me think of a stupid astrology book i once read that said Leos have the most amazing eyes that can stun at 20 paces. Leo and Sagittarius The Leos i've got met have blue greenish eyes and … Mars. Whether you’re a passionate Scorpio, empathetic Pisces or a loyal Leo, each zodiac sign has different personality traits. Flat, perfectly round, saturated in hue– blue, green, brown. According to your zodiac sign 9. 9 years ago. Aquarius happily, is the only non-water sign that has great eyes too--cuz they're so futuristic, unique, and wise.. it shows in their eyes. Look at SwiftKarateChop, FLuffeeTalks, and Onision on YouTube. This ranked list of the most physically attractive zodiac signs given below explains how. This article seeks to explain how each of the naturally attractive Zodiac signs may manifest in each person. Sad, very compassionate, “I feel the world’s suffering” look in the eyes. Observer. Relevance. vulnerability and definitely “fish-like” features. How About The Best Lover? Pisces eyes: This sign has the most beautiful eyes in the zodiac! So, it's hard to pick one, for sure. Pisces (February 19 - March 20) … Which Zodiac Has The Best Personality? With Scorpio guys being the most emotional sign of the zodiac, it’s really only natural that they notice a girl’s eyes first. Elena. Being aware of your best physical features and attention-drawing personality traits is essential to boost your self-confidence. Lv 4. They're all Scorps. Because of this, their eyes don't have the chance to show expression, so their eyes are known for being beautiful in a physical sense more than a spiritual sense. Pisces are also excellent at making you feel uncomfortable by holding their gaze on you, but not seeming to recognize that you are there. Aside from the water signs, Taurus is known for having big puppy-dog eyes that are so cute and playful. Magnetic and penetrating. Their legs and arms are quite lanky or thin. 239578 123rf. Sad, very compassionate, “I feel the … Their … Often Aries have a "mars mark", which is a scar somewhere near forehead. What one person finds to be an attractive quality in a partner, another may view as a flaw. She even takes pictures of her eyes and makes into art, hehe :). Naughty. Many Virgo’s have clear green eyes although they come in all colors. personaly i think pisces,virgo and scorpio. Lunar eyes have a watery effect like they can stare into your soul. They may be brooding in their expression. And wiseness can make human beautiful. Usually clear blue but not always. The eyes are usually darker shades of earthy color, depending on the rising sign. Gemini has normal persons eyes. Hypnotic. What's your opinion? scorpio intense. Which zodiac sign has the most powerful/beautiful eyes? It is supposedly a treat to look in a Cancer's eyes because they are so soft and welcoming, yet at the same time seem to penetrating into your deepest thoughts and emotions. Looking at them is like looking into a beautiful, misty lake, spellbinding, yet eerie. Chameleon eyes, sometimes the pupils can dilate much bigger than normal. Read more about Leo features here. Severe light water eyes and can even look drugged out. Virgo eyes are surprisingly calm and cheerful for their frenetic energy. But I haven't met a lot of Aquarius individuals with eyes like a Pisces. Crazy mad scientist eyes. Anonymous. Capricorn eyes: usually have deep set eyes, that look like they are working some sort of magic you don’t know about. 8 Answers. Aries eyes: Sharp, alert, wide-eyed intense/very focused and often almond shaped eyes. Charming and Cunning. Just kidding! Moon: Pisces. Pick one: Scorpio: Saggiatrius: Pisces: Libra: Aries. You can not see anything interesting in her eyes! They are one of the few Taurus features that are genuinely soft and let you know that they are no where near as tough as they seem. GL! Zodiac Signs Eyes!. Aquarius has wisest/smartest eyes of all air signs. While claiming what type of style is “best” is highly subjective, there is no denying that some people really bring their A game in regards to decorating and styling their homes. Peaceful content with the universe, basically, is the best way to put it. I agree with ur summing up concerning the dreamy eyes, but you, gotta admit that Scorpio have those hypnotic eyes that are both deep, and mysterious and seem to look down into ur soul. They see EVERYTHING! I have a moderate amount of knowledge of the signs. Taurus has lovely lashes and cow eyes! The thing is, a Virgo usually doesn't care enough to lie to you. With their stunningly on fleek brows and luscious locks, Pisces is definitely the prettiest sign. Composed and serious look to the eyes that have a sultry allure. Edit: Sorry! Chameleon eyes, sometimes the pupils can dilate much bigger than normal. Long freakish eyelashes. As the adage explains, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a legit subject, BUT it’s usually our rising sign that determines our look.. Most Stunning Body Features Based On Your Zodiac Sign. My cousin is a pisces and she has the prettiest eyes, she always get compliments on them. Zodiac Which zodiac sign has most intense and hypnotic eyes? And honestly, who can blame them? GEMINI SUN. Just watch Libra as they notice and flirt with themselves in every single reflection. This is the sign most associated with photographic memory so be careful they will take a pic. By Courtney S Feb 22, 2017. The Best Hairstyles to Match Your Zodiac Sign. Scorpio's can literally put you in a trance with just one look. I have a moderate amount of knowledge of the signs. RELATED: Spot-On Facts About The Aquarius Zodiac Sign Explain These Compassionate, Intelligent People Perfectly. In this manner, each Zodiac sign is attractive in their own right. Water signs eyes are particularly noted for their eyes. Virgo eyes: Mercurial qualities give an intense and shining glimmer in the eyes of Virgo. First time I met her and made eye contact my damn jaw dropped to the floor. This ranked list of the most physically attractive zodiac signs given below explains how. Leos have heavy eyelids that make them appear lion-like, and they usually have a tendency to blink slowly, just like a lion. By Jennifer Angel. More on Aries Face here! Welcome the changes of the new year with a fresh hairstyle. Damn walmart.... Answer Save. Pisces women have that “staring off in the distance” look with eyes that are wide set. Their eyes turn dark and intense with a fearless glare when pushed to a temperamental point. My gf is also a Pisces. Sun. gemini charming eyes. Check out a picture of Sean Connery for a good example. Doesn’t it feel like when you look directly into someone’s eyes, you connect with them on a … Pisces all have those dreamy eyes. 16 Answers. When they are mad??? Pisces is the prettiest zodiac sign. Dojutsu are various eye techniques utilized in the Naruto franchiseーfrom simple ones such as the Sharingan to complicated ones such as the Tenseiganーand come from a specific Kekkei Genkai or Bloodline Limit.. RELATED: Naruto: 10 Strongest Dojutsu Users, Ranked Although there has been a recent appearance of a new one taking form in Bortuo call the Jogan, most Naruto fans would know … Depth in their eyes; serious stares, focused eyes that always have a coherent look with reason and sobriety. Which zodiac sign has the most beautiful eyes? 2 9. It’s almost like Virgos project calm and order onto the frenzied outside world through their eyes! Favorite Answer. 10 years ago . Click here for Capricorn. 4 3 ♉MELLOW LOVER♉ Lv 6. Top 3 zodiac signs which have the best eyes to look into? How do Leo sun people get exactly what they want? Usually smirking shyly and intensely like they’re strongly focused on a thought. Thumper<3. Face contouring. wait for it……RAAAAAAAAWWWR!!! Venus. Personally I think Pisces has the best eyes in the zodiac they are so beautiful, dreamy, and watery. is the choice you want missing? But they also rule the stomach, which can be flat or rounded, and bust. If you look closely, it can seem like you are listening to their feelings without them saying a word. Relaxed eyes, emotionally reserved, but also vulnerable looking. Husband honors wife killed in crash with Kobe, Apollo CEO is latest business figure linked to Epstein, Beloved NBA TV reporter Sekou Smith dies at 48, Amanda Gorman dishes on Obamas’ inauguration chat, Redditor bets on GameStop to pay off student loans, Palm Beach reviewing use of Mar-a-Lago by Trump, Sore loser? University of South Carolina. As per Vedic Astrology, there are 12 different ascendants (Zodiac Signs) and each sign have a particular set of physical feature assigned to each of them individually. and that Virgo have dreamy eyes. They love sports, so they are athletically built. Mars: Capricorn. Depends. Really reflective eyes. Forgot your question about Aquarius! The Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Nicest To Meanest Astrology is a rich source of knowledge because it reveals lots of valuable information about our personalities, qualities and skills. Scorpio guys view the eyes as the window to a girl’s soul. cool answers.. yeah, water signs naturally have the dreamy emotional eyes. In the whimsical and wild zoo of the zodiac, each glittering star sign has certain physical features unique to their particular genus of interstellar species. eyes and she is a Cancer. http://jannawong.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/aishw... Defiantly water signs. Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Pisces, your eyes are the best bodily feature you have. I think of a very ambitious and self-centered look in the eyes (though sags aren’t really self centered…) but they are the most judgmental of the zodiac and have a strong 6th sense so watch out. This is another sign that has to guard against gaining unwanted weight with the course of time. According to everything you've read about your zodiac sign, how much do you think it fits you on a scale of 1-10? I know about the elements and the three different qualities and can organize them accordingly. Who are the most beautiful zodiac signs? Venus did her best with Libra eyes, gifting her Airy children with eyes that are innocent and pleasing, yet can turn intense and seductive at a moment’s notice. Let’s start our journey of self-love by exploring the best quality of each zodiac sign, as well as their most attractive physical feature. For example, you are a Pisces but have the Venusian qualities of flirting with yourself in the mirror. I'm a Aquarius I get complemented on my eyes all the time and my lips people ask me if I wear color contacts I'm like uh nooo cuz my eyes are either brown or honey brown an every guy say wow u have amazing eyes so tell me what sign do u think has best eyes an lips All the Aquarian's I know have amazing eyes but they can space right out with them. So, they will always be good at crafts and arts. Ehh.. lol I'm not tall, I'm a little under average. But as a person, I like to have a reason for everything. Librans have bright eyes, sharp, sparkling and symmetrical. Scorpio eyes: Have a piercing quality. Usually clear blue but not always. Well, believe it or not, it may have something to do with your zodiac sign. You might take a look at your birth chart and find that your Venus is very prominent. Virgo has deep set eyes, very spherical looking and sometimes sharp and piercing. It can also give us the low-down on how nice or in some cases how mean we are. Air signs gemini and aquarius have a look and are interesting, pretty. Lovianna Blackwell . Some people fall in love with humans wiseness! Astrologer Jennifer Angel discovers your top beauty trait according to your sign. As a result, we are all different and a Leo’s best quality won’t be the same as a Gemini's for example. They can look cold and have perfected the art of the icy gaze. Like replicants. So, if you’ve ever wondered what zodiac sign has the most attractive people, here is your answer! Prone to gaunt-like dark eye circles, deep lines, wrinkles under eyes from over work and being over worried. Comfort: a day without stress...relaxing in … Pisces. Space. A very spaced out and aloof look to the eyes. Your zodiac sign has a significant impact on your physical appearance and personality, which combine to influence perceived attractiveness. The Sagittarius is the most beautiful zodiac sign in astrology. Relevance. The ninth zodiac sign is the Sagittarius. Reserved eyes can create a bitchy look, like they don’t like you all that much. Go to my Free Birth Chart Calculator to find out your planetary configurations to get a better understanding of your eyes through the lense of astrology. She wants, looks for and has the best! She has the most beautiful eyes you could ever imagine. Severe light water eyes and can even look drugged out. Almost always all Sag’s have close set eyes. Just watch and you can catch their hedonic glare! Glistening when contented and flaming when disgruntled. Which naturally begs the question as to who is the nicest zodiac sign? Think of Medusa ( Aquarius sun), just one look could turn you into stone. Scorpios do have the magnetism but not the deepness and mystery of ours ;). Although their eyes are beautiful, this sign is known for getting its thoughts across verbally, so their is no need for their eyes to step in. Happy eyes. Virgo sun sign seem to have big round eyes while Virgo rising’s seem to have deep set beady little eyes. SEE MORE: What Dog Breed You Should Adopt Based On Your Zodiac Sign Cheesy I know, but if ur here, u like astrology so.. 4 years ago. RELATED: Spot-On Facts About The Aquarius Zodiac Sign Explain These Compassionate, Intelligent People Perfectly. Especially from other water signs. Gemini eyes: I know something you don’t know…mischievous glint in their eyes. Flirty eyes that look like they are going to charm the pants right off you. Like sun rays shooting out at you they are usually very capable of winning people over just by a warm glance. Answer Save. Oh, and it's not cuz I'm a scorpio. I Ranked The Zodiac Signs Worst To Best, Change My Mind Based on people I know and astrological knowledge, but mostly people I know. Dreamy, enigmatic, crystal clear eyes. Their skin is slightly greasy and their body slim, although without pronounced muscles. Gemini has eyes of wise person. How do you think about the answers? More often than not, the stars can give us a bit more insight into who has the upper hand when it comes to home decor. Scorpios are known for having deep penetrating eyes that do not lose focus easily. A serious and deep “I know” look with some kind of sexual undertone.. Sagittarius eyes: Bright and honest eyes. Glint of wickidness, Be aware of their hypnotizing ability! Anonymous. Aquarians have sharp ears and lips, with a broad forehead and a slender body.

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