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Another doctor who killed his three wives, this time with aconite, Despite earlier reports, he says none of the toxic, jelly-like cargo, Ruddy ducks, which many say are not edible, were brought into Britain from American in 1950 and, Why had he been sent to Somerset, whence he had. she said in her rough voice. Generally speaking, the classes of persons who claimed the rights of asylum were slaves who had been maltreated by their masters, soldiers defeated and pursued by the enemy, and criminals who feared a trial or who had escaped before sentence was passed. on 7th April he escaped from his prison, evidently by connivance. She looked around for any Others or guardsmen that might've escaped through the portal. Charles escaped, but Maurice became for the moment leader of the German princes who gathered at Passau (August 1552) to discuss the situation. Of 52 protected persons on one line, all escaped except two, who were careless; of 52 protected on another line, all escaped; while of 51 unprotected persons, living in alternate houses, all suffered except seven. (verb) An example of escape is to break out of prison. It mattered little that the Russians had escaped or that they had been in inferior numbers. But Alva himself took the field, and at Jemmingen (July 21) completely annihilated the force of Louis, who himself narrowly escaped with his life. "It's lucky for him that he escaped me; but I'll find him!" Here he was joined by his children, who had been confined at Pressburg; his wife (a price had been set on her head) had joined him earlier, having escaped in disguise. Art, science, literature - little escaped his ken - and that not merely in Germany: English writers, Byron, Scott and Carlyle, Italians like Manzoni, French scientists and poets, could all depend on friendly words of appreciation and encouragement from Weimar. About 1479, probably with reason both suspicious and jealous, James arrested his brothers, Alexander, duke of Albany, and John, earl of Mar; Mar met his death in a mysterious fashion at Craigmillar, but Albany escaped to France and then visited England, where in 1482 Edward IV. In the cavalry and artillery many of the privates were foreigners, numbers of the janissaries who escaped the massacre at Stamboul (1832) having joined Mehemet Alis army. Some of the political leaders escaped over the frontier - among them Prof. Thomas Garrigue Masaryk and Dr. Eduard Benes, who were subsequently to lead a success :3,500,000 English Miles 1, 0 ao Kilometres Czechoslovakia Frontier 1921 poilow stria-Hungary 191C411. At El Teb, however, in 1884 he allowed himself to be slaughtered by tribesmen formerly despised, and only about one-fourth of the force under General Valentine Baker escaped. He supposed a cylindrical vessel full of water to be perforated in its bottom with a small hole by which the water escaped, and the vessel to be supplied with water in such a manner that it always remained full at the same height. Albany was arrested for treason, escaped to France, and was under sentence of forfeiture. A charge of heresy was brought against him, but he escaped to France, and established himself as a merchant at Rouen or Dieppe, where he lived un - molested until his death in 1553, although attempts were made by the Scottish community there to bring further charges against him. As the king and queen were returning from the wedding they narrowly escaped assassination in a bomb explosion, which killed and injured many bystanders and members of the royal procession. But possibly, as in Seisonaceae, the males resemble the females, and have escaped recognition. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adverbs: " They barely escaped the hurricane. was then at Orvieto, and had just recently escaped from captivity at St Angelo at the hands of the imperialists. Soon afterwards he accompanied the duc de Montmorency on his embassy to England, returning shortly before the massacre of St Bartholomew, in which he narrowly escaped with his life. He escaped thence to Antwerp in 1528, and also visited Wittenberg, where he made Luther's acquaintance. 2. There were 500 to 1000 black loyalists who were held as slaves by patriots. Anna had escaped from a ghetto in a city near Zhamrinka. 5. 20) speaks of its wealth and of the to, and an overwhelming force (the Siceliot cities delaying too much in coming to the rescue) under Hannibal took and destroyed the city in 409 B.C. In 129 he accompanied Antiochus as a vassal prince on his illfated Parthian expedition; returning, however, to Judaea before winter, he escaped the final disaster. Not only had he spent too long in this very place, he'd seen Katie hurt here and barely escaped alive with her. Meanwhile the needy and reckless Bothwell, a partisan of Mary of Guise, a Protestant and the foe of England, was accused by Arran of proposing to him a conspiracy to seize the queen, but the ensuing madness of Arran left this plot a mystery, though Bothwell was imprisoned till he escaped in August 1562. He was educated there and at Madrid University, where his Radicalism soon got him into trouble, and he narrowly escaped being expelled for his share in student riots and other demonstrations against the governments of Queen Isabella. Proscribed at the coup d'etat of the 18th Fructidor (4th of September 1797) he escaped to Basel. But each of the three sections of their army was routed in turn in Asia Minor by the princes of Sivas, Aleppo and Harran, in the middle of I ror; and only a few escaped to report the crushing disaster. Finding that he was suspected (probably with truth) of an intention to bring the soldiers over to the royalist side, he escaped to France. The steam sang as it escaped from the pipe. He was pursued and escaped to Zululand, where he received considerable help. He needed a vacation to escape the routine of daily life. Like St Francis, Waldo adopted a life of poverty that he might be free to preach, but with this difference that the Waldenses preached the doctrine of Christ while the Franciscans preached the person of Christ, Waldo reformed teaching while Francis kindled love; hence the one awakened antagonisms which the other escaped. The rationalists explained the ram on which Phrixus crossed the sea as the name or ornament of the ship on which he escaped. 3. Both Absalon and Valdemar narrowly escaped assassination at the hands of their treacherous host on this occasion, but at length escaped to Jutland, whither Sweyn followed them, but was defeated and slain at the battle of Grathe Heath. This swept the south-eastern Transvaal as French had done, and with no better effect, for Botha escaped. He escaped from threatened prison in France, by way of Switzerland, and though Elizabeth never intended to marry him, the Hamiltons. Even his wit and knowledge of the world were spoiled, and his affected gaiety was touched with sadness, by the odour of falsehood which escaped through every pore of his body.". But his son Alexander escaped during the journey, gathered some force, and overran Judaea. Since the absorption of the aborigines in Israel Canaanite ideas had exercised great influence over the sanctuaries - so much so that the reforming prophets of the 8th century regarded the national religion as having become wholly heathenish; and this influence the ordinary prophets, whom a man like Micah regards as mere diviners, had certainly not escaped. On the other hand Alexius, the son of the dethroned Isaac Angelus, was related to Philip through his marriage with Irene; and Alexius had escaped to the German court to urge the restoration of his father. 2. Significant mentions of escaped:. Palestinian states on the other, and that they could scarcely have escaped the all-pervading Babylonian influences of 2000-1400 B.C. Examples of escape in a sentence, how to use it. Mowbray and Scrope were taken and beheaded; Northumberland escaped into Scotland. After a life of exceptional and continuous lawlessness he escaped from Scotland and in his absence was sentenced to death; having returned to his native country he was seized and was beheaded in Edinburgh. When Laon was taken by Charles, duke of Lorraine, in 988, he was put into prison, whence he escaped and sought the protection of Hugh Capet, king of France. Two of the insurgent leaders, Daniel Shays and Eli Parsons, escaped to Vermont soon after the rout at Petersham. The use of chemical antidotes, such as iron salts, is futile, as the drug has escaped into the blood from the stomach long before they can be administered. More than once he escaped, in a manner that seemed little short of marvellous, out of the hands of the Russians when they held him closely invested in some mountain fastness, as at Himry in 1831. Philopator, but after his father's death in 175 B.C. Others, including Brissot, Louvet, Buzot, Lasource, Grangeneuve, Lariviere and Bergoing, escaped from Paris and, joined later by Guadet, Petion and Birotteau, set to work to organize a movement of the provinces against the capital. They were, however, held rather as hostages for the good behaviour of worse offenders who had escaped, and were pardoned in September. No branch of the administration escaped his reforming hand. The only escape I see from that is a return to policy brass tacks. While Mary, Darnley and Ruthven exchanged threats and taunts, Bothwell and Huntly escaped from the palace, but next day, Mary contrived to send letters to them and Atholl. He was taken prisoner by the Turks in 1455 and served ten years among the Janissaries, after which he escaped into Hungary. While he was Venetian ambassador at Cremona he was elected doge (1414), and he escaped in secret, fearing that he might be held a prisoner by Gabrino Fondolo, tyrant of that city. and Abyssinia (1887-96) Adowa was on three or four occasions looted and burnt; but the churches escaped destruction. A small sluice placed in the side of the conductor opposite to the meadow, and at the upper end of it, will drain away the leakage that may have escaped from the head sluice. When he reached Benares and presented his demands, the raja rose in insurrection, and the governor-general barely escaped with his life. What does escapade mean? Those pupils who succeeded in committing to memory the whole of the Koran were regarded as fiki (learned in Mahommedan law), and as such escaped liability to military conscription. escaped example sentences. Having handed over the duties of government to David, the Steward escaped from the battle of Neville's Cross in 1346, and was again chosen regent while the king was a captive in England. He then escaped to Oaxaca and raised a force. He was a spectator of the riot of St Giles's, Edinburgh, on the 23rd of July 1637, endeavoured in vain to avoid disaster by concessions, and on the taking of the Covenant perceived that "now all that we have been doing these thirty years past is thrown down at once."' Escape characters (also called escape sequences or escape codes) in general are used to signal an alternative interpretation of a series of characters. The English officers, who in vain tried to rally them, themselves only just escaped by scrambling into their boats and putting off to the war-vessels, whose guns checked the pursuit and enabled a remnant of the fugitives to escape. Thirty only escaped, who were afterwards transported as slaves to Barbados. The insurrection was crushed by Mehemet All, and about onefourth of Ahmads followers perished, but he himself escaped and was never, after heard of. ". Significant mentions of escaped:. George finds a fire escape and eventually makes it to the ground. Ahmed, however, escaped and maintained his independence in the Aures mountains. Had I considered this escapade of Mr. 2. off, on the left bank of the Cumberland river), whither most of the Fort Henry garrison had escaped, resulted, before its surrender (Feb. From thence Alaric escaped with difficulty, and not without some suspicion of connivance on the part of Stilicho. The elderly woman managed to escape and get help from a neighbour. He escaped to Normandy to join Buzot, and after the defeat of the Girondists at Pacy-sur-Eure he found shelter in Brittany. Escape is made up of the Latin prefix ex-, which means “out of,” and the Latin word cappa, which means “head covering” or “cloak.” Examples of escape in a Sentence Verb They managed to escape from the burning building. He assisted Kinkel in editing the Bonner Zeitung, and on the outbreak of the Revolution of 1848 took the field, but when Rastatt surrendered he escaped to Zurich. How to use escape in a sentence. He fought at Flodden and escaped with his life, but his eldest son Alexander, (fifth of Merchiston) was killed. Of those who escaped to the provinces the greater number, after wandering about singly or in groups, were either captured and executed or committed suicide, among them Barbaroux, Buzot, Condorcet, Grangeneuve, Guadet, Kersaint, Petion, Rabaut de Saint-Etienne and Rebecqui. Even medicine has not escaped its vigilance, as is proved by the prohibition of certain surgical operations. The plot being discovered, Anna forfeited her property and fortune, though, by the clemency of her brother, she escaped with her life. This prefect allowed himself to be enticed by Zanbil, prince of Zabulistan, to penetrate into the country far from his base, and escaped narrowly, not without severe losses. They must've escaped before the immortal world collapsed. Boniface escaped from his captors only to die (October 11), and the short pontificate of his saintly successor, Benedict XI., was occupied in a vain effort to restore harmony to the Church. Everything the vines touched they crushed, and our adventurers were indeed thankful to have escaped being cast among them. The Mexicans under Santa Anna captured the Alamo on the 6th of March 1836 and slaughtered its garrison of 183 men; on the 20th of the same month they captured Fannin and his force of 371 men, and a week later slaughtered all except twenty who escaped. In view of these differences from the domesticated breed, and the resemblance of the skull or lower jaw to that of the extinct European species, it becomes practically impossible to regard the wild camels as the offspring of animals that have escaped from captivity. Some of the Zealots escaped with John and Simon to the upper city and held it for another month. The legal reforms which they introduced tended for the most part to mercy, but the Talmud refers to one case which is an exception: false witnesses were condemned to suffer the penalty due to their victim, even if he escaped. Lodovico escaped to Germany, returned the next year, was betrayed by his Swiss mercenaries and sent to die at Loches in France. The execution, or rather murder, of Generals Lecomte and Clement Thomas by the communists on 18th March, which he vainly tried to prevent, brought him into collision with the central committee sitting at the hotel de Tulle, and they ordered his arrest, but he escaped; he was accused, however, by various witnesses, at the subsequent trial of the murderers (November 29th), of not having intervened when he might have done, and though he was cleared of this charge it led to a duel, for his share in which he was prosecuted and sentenced to a fine and a fortnight's imprisonment. : It involves him playing loud thrash metal music late at night, or joining a group of Dublin youngsters in a joy-riding escapade. 4. the mountains of which appear to have escaped glaciation. Matilda or Mahaud, widow of Theobald Walter, escaped from John's solicitations by marrying the outlawed Fulk and following him to the forest. are inhabited by a race generally held to be a Polynesian settlement which has escaped fusion with Malayan stock. 4. By living in protected houses and wearing gloves and veils at night all the staff escaped malaria except one or two attendants. As the door clicked shut behind him, her breath escaped in a strangled sob. Here is a list of escape characters supported in Kotlin: \t - Inserts tab He escaped to a cave. Demetrius, the son of Seleucus, escaped from Rome and was proclaimed king. King Roderic, who had escaped to Lusitania, and the noble Goths, who had fled from Toledo, would certainly not be slow in making efforts to regain what they had lost. It is now becoming clearer every day, especially since the discovery of the laws of Khammurabi, that, if we are to think sanely about Hebrew history before as well as after the exile, we can only think of Israel as part of the great complex of Semitic and especially Canaanite humanity that lived its life in western Asia between 2060 and 600 B.C. The mob, egged on by the republicans, attacked the palace where the king was lodged, and he escaped with difficulty, returning to Piedmont with the remnants of his army. Twiggs, to surrender to the Confederate forces, and escaped with the garrison. With this view he studied the latter most laboriously, and in some measure certainly not without success, for he brought into prominence several points that had hitherto escaped the notice of his predecessors. A prisoner has escaped from a jail in northern Texas. Early in 1852 he escaped, and in May reached New York City. How to use escape in a sentence. She blinked back a tear, but it escaped and slid down her cheek. An indecisive battle was fought in the Teutoburger Wald, where Germanicus narrowly escaped the fate of Varus, and in the following year Arminius was defeated. The buccaneers or filibusters, who during the 17th century were drawn to the West Indies by the prospect of plundering the possessions of decadent Spain, often invaded Porto Rico, but that island escaped the conquest which Haiti experienced. We learn, also, that Hadad, a young Edomite prince, had escaped the sanguinary campaign in the reign of David (2 Sam. Taran escaped before the madman changed his mind. In 162 B.C. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adverbs: " They barely escaped the hurricane. In subsequent centuries the carelessness of the Spanish authorities permitted this masterpiece of Moorish art to be still further defaced; and in 1812 some of the towers were blown up by the French under Count Sebastiani, while the whole buildings narrowly escaped the same fate. P. Banks in the Red River expeditions in March-May 1864, in which his gun-boats, held above Alexandria by shallow water and rapids, narrowly escaped isolation, being enabled to return only by the help of a dam built by Lieut.-Colonel (BrigadierGeneral) Joseph Bailey (1827-1867). left Rome for the conquest of Naples (January 2 5, 1 495), Cesare accompanied him as a hostage for the pope's good behaviour, but he escaped at Velletri and returned to Rome. The result of this harsh law was that numerous applications were made to Rome for secret absolution; and thus much money escaped the Inquisition in Spain. A prison escape (referred as a bust out, breakout, jailbreak, or prison break) is the act of an inmate leaving prison through unofficial or illegal ways. The Works of John Home were collected and published by Henry Mackenzie in 1822 with "An Account of the Life and Writings of Mr John Home," which also appeared separately in the same year, but several of his smaller poems seem to have escaped the editor's observation. The people who planned the escapade did not realize what they were getting involved in. CK 1 2547329 I would've sent roses. He escaped with difficulty to Orbe by boat. 6. Gregory, although he has not always escaped the charge of Sabellianism, now holds an undisputed place among the fathers of the church; and although the turn of his mind was practical rather than speculative, he is known to have taken an energetic part in most of the doctrinal controversies of his time. Falling under the displeasure of Minos, he fashioned wings for himself and his son Icarus, and escaped to Sicily. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Thus it befell that, of the chiefs of the Howards born since the great Mowbray alliance, two had died by the axe and one in the prison from which a fourth had hardly escaped. Like her other thoughts, this one escaped before she was able to understand its meaning. Now a panic was caused by a rush of camp followers from the " gillie's hill ": the English wavered; Bruce commanded an advance of his whole line: the English rout was general, and, had Bruce possessed cavalry, few would have escaped. A raid on Delphi attempted by the Persians in 480 B.C. but his camp at Harmignies was surprised by a night attack, and William himself narrowly escaped capture. The place was sacked, but Gorsas escaped the popular fury by flight. On the overthrow of the dynasty about 1125 this prince, who is called by the Chinese Yeliu Tashi, and had gone through a complete Chinese education, escaped westward with a body of followers. But could Christians sufficiently numerous to deserve a long discussion by St Epiphanius in 374-377, who upheld the Synoptists, stoutly opposed the Gnostics and Montanists, and had escaped every special designation till the bishop nicknamed them the " Alogoi " (irrational rejectors of the Logos-Gospel), dare, in such a time and country, to hold such views, had the apostolic origin been incontestable ? It must be admitted, however, that both the tools and the processes have escaped the archaeologist, as they did "the ablest goldsmiths in Spain, for they never could conceive how they had been made, there being no sign of a hammer or an engraver or any other instrument used by them, the Indians having none such" (Herrera). We were able to escape to the countryside during the summer months.

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