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Skipper's instincts prove correct, however, when it turns out a male falcon had taken Julien and Kitka was trying to save him. Gary the Snail SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick Star Mrs. Then, the episode ends with Antonio playing his Spanish guitar. [1] Its manifesto said it wanted to push "simple things like having fun and using your imagination", and even offered study courses on the show. The two fall in love, while the race is won by Patrick's rock "pet", Rocky. After being annoyed by the lemurs, the penguins decide to take a vacation to the moon to get away from them. The penguins eventually rescue Julien and trap Marlene in a cage before getting their snow cones and returning to the zoo where Marlene returns to normal. After cleaning their habitat in record time, the penguins head out for snow cones as a reward. Although not initially wanting to take on the mission, Skipper agrees after Julien purports that the egg … Working together with Mort, the penguins kidnap Lemmy and refuse to let the robot leave from its "rehabilitation". Several compilation DVDs that contained episodes from the season were released. [27][28] In "Party Pooper Pants", American rock band the Cramps lead vocalist Lux Interior performed the voice of the lead singer of the all-bird rock band called the Bird Brains. Private has an idea: He creates a robot suit, and tells Barry that he could touch him, but Barry cannot touch Private. [13][18] Animation directors credited with episodes in the third season included Sean Dempsey, Andrew Overtoom, Frank Weiss, and Tom Yasumi. "[33] It was also reported that of the 50 million viewers who watch it every month, 20 million are adults. Edit it as much as you can. Antonio was Marlene's real date. However, Skipper reassures her that she will be safe with the penguins and Marlene agrees to go. Not long after, when he is denied access to Mort and Maurice's party, Julien tries having his own with the penguins, but by including stuffed animals as guests, it becomes apparent that Julien desperately needs his real subjects back. [Gary pushes a button that sends SpongeBob jumping out of his bed, into the air. (Kowalski attributes this to the differential between an alligator's, While alone on aerial recon duty one night, Private sees a flying, Dean Kelly, Sean Kreiner and Johane Matte, The zoo animals are freezing due to the weather, except the penguins because they have heat lamps, but they too have to deal with the cold weather when a scientist comes to study penguin behavior. When Kitka, a female falcon, crashes at the zoo with a broken wing, a smitten Skipper insists that she stay to recuperate. Season 3 was originally set to end the series after the release of the film, but the success prevented the series from ending, leading to a fourth season. In the course of the investigation, Skipper and Marlene are knocked into the sewer underneath Marlene's habitat, where they soon uncover the true origin of the noise: an alligator named Roger who had made the noises in reaction to Marlene's loud snoring. Kowalski prepares an antidote for Mort, but Mort refuses to take it. The penguins have Mason speak to Lulu for Phil. Blowhole.[4]. When SpongeBob learns that Squidward has never tasted a Krabby Patty, it becomes his obsession to get his co-worker to take even just a bite, believing that it is the reason why he is "always so miserable". He is a male mixed breed Eco pup and the fifth member of PAW Patrol.It is unknown what his true breeds are. However, Rico's fortune reads "You will soon meet a foul end". Madagascar at Universal Studios Singapore, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Penguins_of_Madagascar_(season_1)&oldid=1002845250, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, After plush Mort toys become popular at the zoovenir store, Julien becomes jealous. The penguins then try having Phil save Lulu first from desperadoes and then a falling crate of bananas, but both plans fail. When he gets accidentally locked outside, the real party begins, but SpongeBob freaks out thinking that his plan is not being followed. He lies and tells that he actually owns a restaurant to impress Squilliam. "[35], Moreover, the gay community had embraced the show, according to BBC Online. They force The Archer to be a true hero. After a robotic zoo guide is set up to field visitors' questions, the penguins see it as a threat and seek to destroy it. [54] Dobson later asserted that his comments were taken out of context and that his original complaints were not with SpongeBob, the video, or any of the characters in the video but with the organization that sponsored the video, We Are Family Foundation. When some of the animals show apathy to celebrating the Julien-honoring holiday King Julien Day, Maurice warns them that not celebrating would result in a retaliatory Julien and seeks their participation by bribing them with a candy-filled piñata. When the penguins find the crown, Skipper has to fight a giant rat (Diedrich Bader) for its return. Rocky is one of the main protagonists in the PAW Patrol series. Though initially upset, Maurice soon sees the situation optimistically and wishes to throw a party in his and Mort's section. The penguins thought Kowalski's invention was wrong. Patrick and SpongeBob find an abandoned baby. Fred did not know what to do. Mort goes back for the mango and the gorillas tell him to beat them up for it, so he does. It’s the first day of summer in Bikini Bottom and Mr. Krabs attempts to attract children (and their money) by turning the Krusty Krab into a child-friendly amusement park. It was 30 minutes long and featured the first appearance of Skipper's nemesis, Dr. Squidward gets obsessed and desperate for more (despite SpongeBob's protests that Squidward should not eat too many Krabby Patties at one time), and as a result blows up after eating thousands of Krabby Patty sandwiches in a vault full of them. Not long after, Skipper's fear proves true when most zoo animals (save the penguins, Marlene, Maurice, and Julien) turn the zoo upside down with chaotic, apocalyptic behavior. At first, all the others think he is cute when he says he gets what he wants. SpongeBob blames Patrick for doing it on purpose, and they get in a fight in the halls and get after, Mr. Krabs earns his millionth dollar, and rewards SpongeBob and Squidward by taking them clam fishing for the weekend. Once recovered, the little hatchling, a duck (Tara Strong), makes his debut and is soon returned to his mother (Tara Strong). However, as the abuses continue, Marlene eventually reaches her breaking point and works with the penguins to transfer Rhonda away. I don't think it's a case of it being a gay-friendly show—It's a human-being-friendly show. Sandy and Patrick try everything to get him back outside, but find they must resort to trickery to succeed. Fred goes back home and sees Antonio, a muscular, male otter, walking through the bushes. The season's executive producer was series creator Stephen Hillenburg, who also functioned as the showrunner. At the race, Gary collapses, and Snellie comes to his aid. [52] After Dobson made the comments, Hillenburg repeated this assertion that sexual preference was never considered during the creation of the show. One by one, the animals disappear, leaving only Kowalski to rescue them all. In 2002, SpongeBob SquarePants dolls sold at a rate of 75,000 per week, which was faster than Tickle Me Elmo dolls were selling at the time. This episode was first aired on October 5, 2001 in France. He convinces Squidward to help him, and they soon think that robots really have taken over the world. When Marlene's roommate, a female walrus named Rhonda, arrives, she displays rude and obnoxious behaviors toward Marlene, but Marlene tries to remain positive. In the end Phil decides to just speak his true feelings to her via sign language, which Lulu understands except for the last part, which Mason then translates for her. When Marlene tells him about defective otter dolls having once been recalled, Julien gets an idea. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. The penguins manage to find them, but Marlene then carries Julien to the top of Cleopatra's Needle, where the penguins fight her using radio controlled planes. In 2002, Hillenburg and the show's staff members decided to stop making episodes to work on the 2004 film The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, after completing production of the third season. They are given, At closing time, the penguins hear a little girl crying that she has lost her doll. After several attempts of making him taste the sandwich, Squidward finally gives up and tries the patty. Puff, causing SpongeBob to be moved to the back of the classroom and costing him one of his "good noodle" stars. The zoo animals order Chinese food. Bent on an agenda to punish the human race, the penguins' mad dolphin nemesis, Dr. Blowhole, kidnaps King Julien in an effort to lure the flightless force into a trap so that he can annihilate the team once and for all. This, however, inadvertently destroys the DAC's broadcast, and with no animals to then see on TV, tourists return to the zoo. During a routine boating exam, SpongeBob gets into an accident at the Shady Shoals Rest Home. When training Roger fails to be a viable option, Kowalski rigs up a mind-switching machine so that Rico, inside Roger's body, could take care of the rats. "[44] Furthermore, various celebrities—including Justin Timberlake, Kelly Osbourne, Britney Spears, Bruce Willis, Noel Gallagher, rapper Dr. Dre, and Mike Myers—were reported to be fans of the show. Skipper warns Julien that "jungle law" will inevitably fail and that he will tell Julien "I told you so" when it does. Once outside the zoo, Marlene is overwhelmed by the outside world and goes wild. Like most chickens, Chickaletta has white feathers, an orange beak and feet, and a red wattle. They cause chaos all over Bikini Bottom that alarms Mermaid Man. The penguins agree, but after subsequently realizing that their car has no chance of victory in its current state, overhaul it to be race-worthy. The season received critical acclaim from media critics and fans. He proceeds to come up with numerous ways to fly. One night, several of the zoo animals' possessions are stolen. They're all welcome. Hillenburg halted production on the show to work on the 2004 film adaptation of the series, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Mr. Krabs loses his dollar after an overeager SpongeBob accidentally hooks it with his, Prehistoric ancestors of SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward—SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog (respectively)—discover fire after a. SpongeBob and Patrick discover that Squidward has ordered a female purebred racing snail named Snellie, whom he plans to enter in a snail race. After the ritual, a duck lands on Rico, Private reveals the true meaning of the fortune: the duck's bottom is a "fowl end". [1] A Nickelodeon spokesman said "SpongeBob's appeal is extraordinary. To prove it is still good, Mr. Krabs tries it and ends up hospitalized for. After seeing the penguins driving about in their car, Julien requests to drive it, but is denied. Marlene is excited about receiving a new roommate, but Skipper feels the new arrival may have ulterior motives. The robot activates self-defense mode and fights against the penguins until it explodes. While at the Krusty Krab, the two superheroes of Bikini Bottom, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, argue because Barnacle Boy feels he should not be considered a child sidekick anymore and, therefore, wants to eat an adult-sized Krabby Patty rather than a kid's meal. The zoo animals each give him something. During the season, several episodes were aired more than once. There, they meet a stray cat who they believe to be a "moon cat" who takes kindly to the foursome with an ulterior motive to eat them, though he later befriends them for real when given a gift of canned fish. SpongeBob and Patrick are causing chaos at the Krusty Krab, so Mr. Krabs decides to give them a task. In 2003, the show won the 2003 Kids' Choice Awards for Favorite Cartoon,[40] and also won the succeeding year's Kids' Choice Award for the same category. Let er rip, Gary. In return for this, Julien withdraws his decree and allows Mort to hug his feet only one time. Kowalski soon invents an invention designed to make Private stupid enough to not be affected by pain as well, but the device soon renders all four stupid. Although Skipper continues to abstain, he allows the other three penguins to partake, but is annoyed when some of the party's events interrupt his work. A lemur robot called the LEM-R (Life-EMulating Robot) is sent to the lemur habitat to learn lemur behavior before it heads to Mars. Marlene reports Mort's disappearance to the penguins, who set off to rescue Mort. Plankton decides to enlist the help of all of his plankton relatives. The Archer eludes the penguins, but in the end they apprehend him. After leaving the "moon", however, the penguins realize they had never left Earth. The Strangler disguises himself as SpongeBob's bodyguard, all along seeking for a moment to strangle him. [38] The show also won the Television Critics Association Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming. When Private accidentally slips and falls into the fish bowl he becomes incredibly popular and is taken away to entertain his fans on stage. "[44] Pope pointed out that the season "remains the high point for the series" as it had produced "classic" episodes such as "No Weenies Allowed", "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler", and "Krusty Krab Training Video". Julien is throwing fruit away, and throws a mango into the gorilla habitat. Once the unit is ready and the commercial filmed, the animals begin their broadcast, but Julien increases the power to achieve a greater broadcast range, causing the receiving satellite to overload and explode. Mrs. All the penguins are read their fortune cookies and are happy with the results. After a visit from an angry Maurice, the penguins set out to retrieve the crown. Julien teaches the robot how to dance, but Mort becomes jealous of Lemmy. After successfully painting the room, they accidentally get paint all over Mr. Krabs' first earned dollar and must hide up the evidence before Mr. Krabs returns home, otherwise he will turn them into effigies for delights in the fireplace. When Alice tells a boy visitor that only three of the penguins are males, the penguins conduct a gender-determining DNA test, which labels Skipper female. Puff's Boating School, threatens to kick his. They become close friends, and when Mystery follows him to work at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs orders SpongeBob to get rid of his pet after causing trouble for the customers. But when Lemmy is sent to Mars, it is eaten by a "space squid". Phil falls in love with her and asks Mason (in sign language) to help him win her heart. When the penguins learn their TV is gone too, they set out to find the thief. [35] T-shirts, pillows, shoelaces, pins, sunglasses, and air fresheners were sold "extremely well if they have SpongeBob's likeness on them," said Erin Aguirre, lead sales associate of Hot Topic. The other penguins overhear it and believe real doctors are talking, convincing them Skipper died of an infection. The animals get zoo visitors to feed them popcorn until Alice catches a boy giving some to Marlene. The penguins (Tom McGrath, Jeff Bennett, John DiMaggio and James Patrick Stuart) do not believe this allegation, and instead set out to investigate what really happened, eventually locating Maurice at a New Jersey dump. Julien is depressed when he finds out what happened. [34] It was reported that SpongeBob-themed goods are the best-selling character merchandise at Hot Topic store at Park City Center. During its run, SpongeBob SquarePants became (and remains) the highest rated children's show on cable, with over 50 million viewers a month. After all is said and done, Maurice presents the piñata, with Julien initially taking the "paper horse" and naming it Bob before soon sharing the candy inside with everyone. The SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 3rd Season DVD was released in Region 1 on September 27, 2005, Region 2 on December 3, 2007, and Region 4 on November 8, 2007. This is a list of episodes for the first season of Nickelodeon's animated television series, The Penguins of Madagascar. [36] Its episodes "New Student Starfish" and "Clams" were nominated for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour) category,[37] while the entry "Ugh" won the same category. The new animal turns out to be a frog, named Barry. [41] At the 2003 Golden Reel Awards, the show won Best Sound Editing in Television Animation and Best Sound Editing in Television Animation — Music categories for the episodes "Nasty Patty"/"Idiot Box" and "Wet Painters"/"Krusty Krab Training Video", respectively. Later, during a chase, the groove-containing jar is shattered and its magic transferred into Skipper, who uses his newly acquired and undesired dance skills against Julien physically to force him into apologizing to Darla. Mort gets it, but gets thrown out into the penguins' HQ, into the beam of Kowalski's super-ray designed to enhance fish, making Mort muscularly large. Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour), for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming, "SpongeBob creator is soaking up success", "The Oral History of SpongeBob SquarePants", "The Interview: 'SpongeBob' Creator Stephen Hillenburg", "SpongeBob Turns 10 Valued At $8 Billion", "Nickelodeon's 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Reaches A Milestone: 10 Years", "COLUMN: Do you remember Bill Fagerbakke? [46] Skeptics initially doubted that SpongeBob could be popular in Japan as the character's design is very different from already popular designs for Hello Kitty and Pikachu. Julien repeatedly hit himself. [3] It premiered more than a year later, on October 5, 2001. If he attempts to edit this page he will be blocked, NOTE #2: Me, Mike 2019-2020, Mr. Josiah V Olson 11-17-2001 Olson Jolson J,,,,, Inttrxxtrab‎, Gugu0709r, Jongmoon lee, and Caled2005 is now allowed to edit this page all they wants. Julien fights with Skipper while trying to recover his batteries and both of them fall into a compound occupied by Joey (, Julien starts to mock Skipper when Skipper will not allow him to play ". This narratively-driven, single-player game puts you in the role of a Jedi Padawan who narrowly escaped the purge of Order 66 following the events of Episode … Mason then learns that because the penguins are so clean, he has nothing for himself to clean up, and because of this, Mason starts to make his own messes for himself to clean up. [2] During production of the previous season, Nickelodeon already picked up a third season for SpongeBob SquarePants on September 20, 2000, due to the show's high ratings across basic cable television. SpongeBob blames Patrick for doing it on purpose, and they get in a fight in the halls and get after school detention. [43], In his review for the DVD Verdict, Bryan Pope wrote that "the show's charm lies in the vast world of nautical nonsense" and that the show is "a world of aquanaut squirrels, clarinet-playing squids, underwater campfires, retired superheroes, plankton obsessed with world domination, and the most head-scratching family units I've ever come across (a crab and a puffer fish are parents to a teenage whale, while pint-sized Plankton is married to a no-nonsense computer named Karen). Roger tells the penguins he tried being nice to the rats, but his efforts were not successful. Fortunately, their touching words trigger Rico's "gooey love/mush sensitivity", causing him to expel the bomb seconds before detonation. A large, muscular Private then is able to force Mort to take the medicine and return to normal. [47] The Wall Street Journal also raised questions about SpongeBob and Patrick in a recent article that pointed up the show's popularity in the gay community. He decides to throw a party and invite everyone he knows. The penguins decide to use Rico's doll as a replacement, which upsets Rico. He's a star", "Lux Interior, 62, Singer in the Punk-Rock Era, Is Dead", "Is 'SpongeBob' close to being washed up? Officer X at first falls for Max's disguise, but Max accidentally blows his cover while dancing in triumph.

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