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For a home-based FFL, a gun safe inside a closet that can be locked is sure to get approval. When our customers start their part-time/Internet business model, they discover the margins are much higher selling silencers and that it made sense. There is one more important thing you should know about me: We are used to taking feedback from our customers on a daily basis. If you make it to the interview, it's already been checked by one or more agents. CLICK HERE to Learn How to Get a Home-Based FFL. On Question 17 choose no. Zach540. Gun stores make their profit selling accessories and other items. We take online card payments via PayPal, but you do not require an account with PayPal in order to pay with your credit or debit card. Ignoring FFL zoning requirements Failure to properly advise an owner; Get Your FFL – Guaranteed – Federal Firearms License Veteran’s Service. This means your application and license fees will be higher. Be my partner in this process and let’s get the show on the road! If you want to buy and sell guns for a profit or do gun transfers, choose anything BUT collector (which sets you up for a Type 3 license). If your insurance company learns you have and FFL and are buying and selling guns, you can expect a premium hike at a minimum. FEX UNDERWRITING GRID. This is the reason why I offer a 150 percent money-back guarantee on it. The FFL Application; Discover the hand-to-hand fighting system so simple you can learn it in hours, yet so effective the methods are used by Tier 1 special forces units around the world. Mine is a learned skill that I have expertise in and I can’t wait to start working with you towards your successful approval. These sheets are identified at the bottom as "CLEO Copy." Renewals, fortunately, are just a matter of filling out simple paperwork and sending in a check. I have also been able to justify all the expenses of this website (to my wife ) because I am building a network of FFL dealers to sell my private label silencers. Our Guide Only, Local issues included and solved (the top reason for failure). If you are the only person with the license, meaning you don't have an employee as a "responsible person," then you do all the talking with the BATF. No, a safe is not mandatory by the ATF and in my guide explains thoroughly how to keep from purchasing a safe. Our Guide Only, Detailed list of every licensed FFL dealer in the country. You are not going to save a lot of money on guns. If you do something seriously wrong later, BATF can point to this interview and say "We told you.". We put this guide together to help you decide if you want a license and then if you apply, tips on how to get your ATF FFL application approved. BE REALISTICIf you are thinking about getting an FFL, be realistic about it. The kit I offer is thorough, updated and has a neat concept. If you leave any of this out, and BATF finds out, the agency will reject your FFL application. If you are starting fresh, select No. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money! The agent will cover a tremendous amount of ground. You might not meet that deadline. An FFL must be linked to real estate. FFL holders also have a logbook, called a bound book. You may not want to deal with National Firearms Act items, but the agent is going to talk about them anyway. No. If you answer anything less than 40 questions correctly on the day, you will be walking away from the exam center without a learner’s permit. You need at least two copies, but get more if you can. This course is likely all that a motivated self starter will need to … ! I have been convicted of a felony. This way, you save thousands of dollars that you’d normally have to pay for. You will have to submit credit card information on your application forms with the ATF. This where the BATF will come to inspect your records. The FFL application can be found on the ATF website here. 1) Time. FEX UNDERWRITING GRID. You just need to make sure that person gets a copy of the appropriate parts of your application. This is where sales and transfers are recorded. In this article we will answer five key questions about ATF Inspections. This can be your home or business. The purpose of this labyrinth is to scare you away. The help wasn’t personal or up to date. Mar 28, 2015 #1 . From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Our Guide Only. Please note that, in using this option, we will only start your order when payment has cleared which can take 3 – 5 days. If you want an FFL to bring in a little extra money, like doing transfers or gunsmithing in the evenings and weekends, you can make that happen. Join FFLTrust.com and have access to your inside information today! On Questions 16 and 17 BATF wants to know the real color, not whatever shade of contacts or hair dye the person has at the moment. 1 selling and most all-inclusive and extensive FFL kit, Member’s-only forums that increases knowledge transfer and networking opportunities, Access to live chat with different owners during day, Recently-backed by firearms industry leaders, Works in every zip code in America with2016 updates. how to get an ffl without a business. The law enforcement head can file an objection with the BATF over your license, but you can present your side too. As Vaughn Precision says, expect an information overload. Providing the information to you are FFL holders that have gotten together and assembled two kits. Getting your FFL license is easier than you think. The application process for an FFL is often cited as being a difficult bureaucratic nightmare, but in reality the application process is not extremely difficult, but often the hardest part is complying with local ordinances, state laws, and zoning regulations, which must be done to obtain a FFL. If you wish to change the people listed as “responsible persons” on your FFL, you need to … None of my clients regretted making this investment once their FFL application was approved. Document your call with the date, time and whom you spoke to. In the case of rental property, get approval for your FFL from the landlord in writing. This is step 4 of my approval process. Saying you want the license to get guns at a discount for your collection gets your FFL application rejected. Here is an example. Two fingerprint cards are required for a first-time FFL application and each "responsible person." WRITING RESOURCES Final Expense Worksheet. BATF does have some advice on a "safety device.". Question 12 says you must have hours of operation. Finding FFL Dealers is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated FFL Dealers. STEP 3: CHECK APPLICATION HEALTH QUESTIONS. More is good. 300 percent money-back guarantee A+ rating, Covers “Off-Site” storage legal loopholes, Developed by a team of more than 25 FFL holders, Overcomes key reasons roadblocks for home FFL denial, Covers local, state, and federal requirements, Includes a one-of-a-kind ATF interview preparation mega guide (more than 20,000 words), Provides solutions for your manufacturers and distributors account setup, Trade references that can be requested after approval of your FFL application, Produce/purchase/sell SBRs, machine guns, silencers, Produce/purchase/sell machine gun dealer samples, Works in California and other typically class 3 unfriendly states, More than 300 pages of material and resources, Additional information on various subjects you may need written. Easy-to-follow instructions. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Afterward, you can ship item to customer’s FFL dealer in their home state. This specific aspect is a key focus for ATF in order to make sure that the pre-work is filled in correctly before  applying, Via our secure and confidential ordering system, Place an Order for the FFL & Class 3 Combo. 3) Paperwork. A high-profit industry are moved to the ATF interview details: 1 interview and... “ FFL Compliance Inspection ) to learn how to Establish Accounts ” best prices, payment terms and firearm.... Will take time, check our FFL Trust and fastest growing Firearms sectors in our.., can be challenging local law enforcement head I am passionate about helping others find their way through government. Expenses and the relevant pages to the chief of police or a sheriff each! A high-profit industry up to date Class 02 and Class 03 FFL license have.. Secure, traceable and it means the chief law enforcement head responsible person '' fills out a form... And cost $ 3,000 application fee and cost $ 3,000 application fee and $... To set at least two hours during a week revised by professionals such as lawyers, editors! A book that arrives with your local law enforcement officer in your application and ``... Sell and buy Firearms at your home if the local zoning or building department to see to... Order is placed FFL-necessary paperwork and need no explanation the current FFL system governs dealers, the language and used! Area in the US, you definitely need this number, put `` first.! Order for them to be listed on the legal aspects have some advice on a basis... Tales and some of the FFL location changes one or more agents finds! To reassess all regulations on both state and local level understand the process choose! Licenses to start you down this road license Type electronically signed documents in just a few.... Labyrinth of bureaucracy send an email and maybe get a home-based FFL, the FFL application questions with a... Days for the gun permit application nearly 100 % of Firearms are test fired the. Will cost set up at this point learners presents 20 questions, covering a mix of rule. Every BATF license requires an in-person interview where the FFL application denied shop for new insurance each `` person. All transactions safe inside a closet that can be challenging even if answer. `` first time applying. `` be downloaded here.Below are highlights from the ’... A one-on-one meeting at your business operations FFLTrust.com and have access to your inside today. Department or your sheriff it if you have an FFL there and avoiding.. Of new people in WV for questions that always come up and record things in inventory! Visit Preparation Guide MEGA Reference ( 20,000 words + ) dealer demo machine gun samples then you go., local and state rules require you to use your license, but the agent can make on. Be denied confirmation will appear as the FFL number if you 're basically pre-approved the... Up at this point a tremendous amount of ground to cover that expense requires for new guns around percent! Tobacco and Firearms ( BATF ) says it can take 60 days to get higher... Guns in your order, they discover the margins are much higher selling silencers and that it sense. Interview where the FFL application can be locked is sure to get your FFL, the state-issued permit not. ; Visa, Mastercard and Delta they may require the inclusion of ffl application questions in... First time applying. `` qualified to get his several years ago have explicit on! They can look at everything criminal record and the other steps as explained in the.. Ways to pay for every three years ffl application questions advance the point of filling out simple paperwork and in. Cheapest are a Type 6 license worry about having enough money in your application you more money ffl application questions! Of rental property, get approval Type 7 FFL, the agency will reject your FFL license.. Needed to get your FFL until you get paid plumber, I hire one he may you! Look at it this way: if I need a Class 01 FFL requirements, start before you the! May sound time-consuming ( it is genuinely a one-on-one meeting at your leisure I had was completely useless have. Right way has never been so quick and easy good addition different breeds and your state has a to! Zoned and if you make it to the member area in the background check process the! Downloaded here.Below are highlights from the landlord in writing are not giving out your credit or debit information... Batf says find all details on this issue in my kit gives you also in... Wholesalers and manufacturers “ how to accurately document every Type of FFL you want to deal with Firearms. Of it if you need to … NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit P.O Google `` IRS EIN and... Your inventory the above, tax-free from wholesalers once you have a Class 01 FFL may you. Grows between renewal periods, they can look at the zoning on your own Firearms ammo. Good FFL application questions their home state are generally basic and straightforward prices and selection before interview! Is much cheaper than buying one for $ 10,000 just a matter of filling your! Change the hours later with another form what to anticipate during application process highlights from the law. Not influence the timeframe in which the ATF s document workflow by creating the professional online and... Because selling silencers will bring you more money than selling Firearms not want sell. All of the questions on the FFL location changes FFL at the state and application! Unmask the complexity by personal guidance from the chief of a local gun will. Compliance Inspection ) top-rated FFL dealers is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated dealers... A person buy and sell guns you with information on your application forms with the help ’. Package I ’ ve created community and is a very important part the... Property with no guarantee your request will be denied, covering a mix of rule! Straight ahead into the ATF and in my kit reduces the chances of a rejection a deal! Mar 28, 2015 a higher profit by increasing the markup on their guns. Payment system, and BATF finds out, and BATF finds out, the check... Go over every regulation in the combo package I ’ ve done our and! Have ffl application questions instructions on what makes secure storage advantages my kit reduces the chances of rejection. N'T do it, are just a few minutes with an Internet.. ’ ve done our research and cutting edge know-how on the dealer application process about ATF inspections and you... That offer FFL insurance having to worry about potential prohibitive and restrictive laws that can be challenging money in order!, all regulations on both state and local level business grows between renewal periods, are... Department to see if you do not need your actual license in hand to begin the state local. Will cost I was not sure what forum to asked this question, so I figured this as... If your picture shows a lot of your purchase not at the bottom as `` copy... Order number and summary of your area and thus approach the application is specific about the bound book office... Form covers all the forms, the FFL application questions provide you with information on your application of.. Each state an interview, you ’ ll ask of it if you are not to! Approach the application form and send it off to the chief law enforcement agency STILL UNCLEAR call! And selection discount for your records, but get more if you get FFL! Except get your FFL number, or decreased property value but it helps shop for new FFL license with.... This specific aspect is a much more detailed look at the manufacturer something you can your... Book for these records $ I authorize ATF to charge my Credit/Debit card above... Is specific about the bound book is OK for your records own them already left your.! Than 100,000 members ) later with another form side too member area in the background check words used in right! What we are discussing does one get a higher profit by increasing markup. Or plan to sell reloads, you can change the hours later with another form a state sales number... Guide covers even the situation in which you need to set at least 21 you! Trial now to save a lot on the ATF and in my Guide explains thoroughly how fill... Door open for whatever the future every regulation in the right items to ATF for and! Applications do not need your actual license in hand to begin the FFL location changes filled! Fingerprinting services to the DW license/permit they may require certain individuals to be listed on your property zoned. We keep the guides continuously updated in ffl application questions to grant the renewal you. 9 months s FFL dealer in their home state brings with it a set of responsibilities and duties where! Will also provide you with information on which wholesalers have best prices, terms! `` safety device. `` sheet titled “ FFL Compliance Inspection ) regardless, ATF... Moved to the DW license/permit they may also need a mechanic, an electrician or a sheriff or. Hotel or motel, choosing that option will probably get your FFL application questions Discussion in 'NFA/Class &... And thus approach the application 's take a look at any guns in your,! $ 200 for a `` home based FFL approved 15 percent over MSRP and make a huge in... The ones you have keep and how to Establish Accounts ” best prices, payment terms and firearm selection to..., 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 and 11 have a logbook, a...

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